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VIEW Summit 450/625/800


Large area, high-accuracy dimensional metrology systems.

The VIEW Summit systems are designed for components requiring a large work envelope and high accuracy. Based on the same core technologies of optics, high speed linear motors, and high resolution scales used in the VIEW Pinnacle, the Summit features a fixed bridge design. Separate X and Y axis motion systems ensure that neither influences the mechanical integrity of the other, while also enabling easy loading and unloading of large parts.

Available in three ranges of travel, the VIEW Summit is ideally suited to for measurement of large footprint parts, such as PCBs, stencils, flat panel displays, etching sheets and mark patterns, or nested groups of smaller parts. The Summit provides very high accuracy and high speed for shop floor process monitoring and quality assurance applications.

Key Features and Options

The Summit systems are ideal for measurement of large format parts requiring high accuracy, such as solder paste stencils and screens, artwork, panelized printed circuit boards, flex circuits, and micro-etched parts.

Summit models can be equipped with an optional through-the-lens or offset mounted laser for added flexibility in Z-axis measurements. Summit models can also utilize the optional SpectraProbe™ offering sub-micron Z-axis measurement resolution.

Summit models operate with one or more of VIEW's standard metrology software packages:

  • VIEW Metrology Software (VMS™)

  • Elements® Electronic Measurements Software

  • StandardOptional
    X,Y,Z TravelModel 625 / 615x610x150 mm
    Model 800 / 800x820x150 mm
    Load CapacityModel 625 / 50 kg
    Model 800 / 75 kg
    Imaging OpticsDual magnification, fixed lens optics with field interchangeable front lens. VIEW 2.5X front lens included as standard. Low mag has 1:1 with front lens; high mag has 4:1 with front lens.Single magnification, fixed lens optics with factory configurable back tube (1X standard) and field interchangeable front lens options (5X standard).
    Metrology Camera1.4 megapixel, 1/2 inch, digital monochrome1.4 megapixel, 2/3 inch, digital, monochrome
    2.0 megapixel 1/2 inch, digital monochrome
    IlluminationAll LED coaxial through-the-lens surface light and below-the-stage back lightMulti-color programmable ring light
    Grid autofocus system
    Sensor Options
    Through-the-lens (TTL) laser Spectra Probe white light range sensor
    Off-axis triangulation laser
    Measurement ModesHigh Speed Move and Measure (MAM)Continuous Image Capture (CIC)

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