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VIEW Pinnacle 250
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VIEW Pinnacle 250


The Pinnacle 250 offers the highest accuracy and fastest speeds of the VIEW   line. Its high performance and compact footprint make it VIEW's most popular model.

The Pinnacle features a damped granite base and column, with passive vibration isolation. A precision compound X-Y stage with high-speed linear motor drives provides velocity of 400 mm / sec and acceleration of 1000 mm / sec2. This combination of high acceleration and high velocity enables the high throughput required for near-line process monitoring. The rugged and compact design of the Pinnacle lends itself to installation in either a Q/A lab or at an inspection station in the manufacturing line.

Key Features and Options

The Pinnacle is ideal for measurement of small, close tolerance parts, particularly parts with a high density of features, such as hard disk drive suspensions, printer heads, precision stampings, leadframes, ball-grid arrays, and chip scale packages.

The Pinnacle can be equipped with an optional through-the-lens or offset mounted laser for added flexibility in Z-axis measurements. Pinnacle models can also utilize the optional SpectraProbe™ offering sub-micron Z-axis measurement resolution.

The Pinnacle operates with one or more of VIEW's standard metrology software packages:

  • VIEW Metrology Software (VMS™) which offers a wide array of standard measurement tools as well as a built-in scripting language to enable custom-functions.

  • Elements® CAD-to-Measure software provides automatic translation of 2-D CAD files in measurement programs, enabling very fast set-up of measurement routines for even the most complex parts.

  • StandardOptional
    X,Y,Z Travel250x150x100 mm
    Load Capacity25 kg
    Imaging OpticsDual magnification, fixed lens optics with field interchangeable front lens. VIEW 2.5X front lens included as standard. Low mag has 1:1 with front lens; high mag has 4:1 with front lens.Single magnification, fixed lens optics with factory configurable back tube and field interchangeable front lens. VIEW 1X back tube and 2.5X front lens included as standard.
    Metrology Camera1.4 megapixel, 1/2 inch, digital monochrome1.4 megapixel, 2/3 inch, digital, monochrome
    2.0 megapixel 1/2 inch, digital monochrome
    IlluminationAll LED coaxial through-the-lens surface light and below-the-stage back lightMulti-color programmable ring light
    Grid autofocus system
    Sensor Options
    Through-the-lens (TTL) laser Spectra Probe white light range sensor
    Off-axis triangulation laser
    Measurement ModesHigh Speed Move and Measure (MAM)Continuous Image Capture (CIC)


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