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Evolutionary Manufacturing Associates GD & T results with feature bias to apply corrective actions t


微信图片101.png微信图片1001.pngEvolve Manufacturing represents GD & T and functional EVOLVE Manufacturing graphically compares measurements based on design or Manufacturing benchmarks to produce appropriate Manufacturing adjustments and how they affect GD & T tolerances. Understand why the part failed during the GD & T Evaluation and what corrective actions can be taken to repair the manufacturing process. Evolve Manufacturing is a powerful and unique 2D/3D tool that uses the same measurement point cloud data that GD & T evaluates. This allows the GD & T results to be correlated with the characteristic deviations shown in the manufacturing coordinates. Feature grouping EVOLVE Manufacturing groups part features to help identify possible Manufacturing problems. These groups are determined by different manufacturing operations, tools, or alignments. Calibration manufacturing calibration simulates the actual manufacturing process. Functions and groups are evaluated in their manufacturing alignment, not in their design alignment. Error component point deviation is divided into 4 error categories ーー location, direction, size and form. These categories can be used alone, together, or all at once. Corrective action analysis based on a robust“Hypothesis” simulation of observed bias allows immediate prediction of the effect of manufacturing corrections applied on GD & T results.

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