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The VIEW system offers a selection of optical systems best suited for measurement applications at hand. VIEW Benchmark, Pinnacle and Summit systems are available with single magnification fixed lens optics or unique double magnification optics. Both arrangements provide optically interchangeable front objectives to allow magnification and field size to match the characteristics being measured.

The single-magnification system is simple and its optical resolution matches the pixel size of a 2.0-megapixel digital camera with a standard objective lens. The system is well suited for high-speed measurements of parts with many similar characteristics for which a single magnification is sufficient.

The double magnification system makes use of two complete optical paths, each with its own camera. The high magnification path is four times higher than the low magnification path, providing instantaneous zoom capability for higher optical resolution. The system is ideal for measuring parts with different characteristics requiring wide field of view and high precision. Double magnification systems are also ideal for applications requiring optimal autofocus performance.

Both systems can be paired with one of several camera models (monochrome or color) that match pixel size and density to the optical resolution of the configured lens system. The range of optics and camera configurations available allows VIEW to optimize the system for the application at hand.

VIEW MicroLine systems for micro-fabricated part measurement use a semiconductor inspection microscope configured with a horizontal illuminator, multi-objective lens turret and an appropriate selection of Bright Field or Bright Field / Dark Field objectives. The MicroLine system is available in a variety of optical and camera configurations, depending on the nature of the part to be measured.


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